Founded in 1996, Vivo Capital is a healthcare investment firm focused on investing in and building high quality healthcare and life science companies. With more than $3 billion under management, Vivo employs a unique multi-pronged strategy of identifying and working with companies, with a focus on the U.S. and Greater China. Vivo Capital has offices in Palo Alto, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei and Hong Kong.

At Vivo Capital, we leverage our internal expertise in evaluating data to generate outsized returns for company founders, management, employees and stakeholders as well as for our investors. Vivo assists its portfolio companies in both countries in forging cross-border partnerships, enabling the companies to acquire new products and expand the market for their existing products. In addition to making investments in existing companies, Vivo also builds companies from scratch to pursue compelling opportunities together with experienced management teams. We invest in companies with promising products at all financing stages (Series A to public companies), and work closely with management to complete the development and commercial launch of those products and achieve a successful exit.

Adding Value: Portfolio Synergy, Strategic Partnering and Technology Transfer

After an investment is made, Vivo works closely with the founders and management to build value.

  • We help identify talented individuals who can contribute to the continued growth and prosperity of our companies.
  • We work to ensure the clinical development program is optimized in terms of disease indication, protocol design and regulatory strategy.
  • We work on optimizing commercial strategies, geographies, and operations in our revenue stage companies.
  • The final step is to develop a financing strategy with management to ensure the company’s sustainability to an exit.

Vivo’s portfolio encompasses companies in a wide range of therapeutic areas, products and business models. Because the strengths of one portfolio company are often complementary or synergistic with those of another, we encourage communication and potential collaboration among our companies whenever such collaboration makes business sense.

In making investments we emphasize the following criteria:

  • The quality of the company’s underlying technology, including supporting preclinical and clinical data
  • The market potential of the company’s products
  • The strength of the company’s intellectual property
  • The strength of the company’s management team